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The coaches in Divine Badminton Academy aims to make the training sessions fun and engaging for all our players - allowing them to train and make friends with players from a different school. Our training programmes are specifically tailored to the needs of the students in order to maximise their learning curve. Under our training system, numerous students have enrolled into prestigous schools.


We aim to instill the fundamentals of badminton into beginner players - footwork, posture, point of contact, strokes, etc. The basics will be strongly emphasised for this specific group of players to help them better grasp the concept of badminton.


For the intermediate class, our coaches aim to help players' develop their own playing style in badminton while learning different strategies for different gameplays - singles or doubles. In our training programmes, we will include the sharpening of basic strokes and footwork and also focus on their physical fitness level as they improve their gameplay in order to maximise their learning curve.


Students in our advanced class are expected to be fundamentally strong in their badminton gameplay while the coaches assist them to improve their playing styles under guidance. The coaches strive to push the players to their limit through intensive trainings and learning of more advanced strokes and tactics to handle a real badminton game situation. We will expect our players to take part in more competitions and playing groups to help them get exposed to the outside world which will in turn help them in their growth.


In a group training, you get to know others who are passionate about badminton. Our coaches' goal is to help you achieve what you want, regardless you are a beginner trying to pick up badminton, wants to just have fun, exercise and keep fit or training for competition. We strive to achieve your personal goals in badminton. Not only can players learn from coaches, players can also watch and learn from their peers too.  


​Private training is more convenient as you can arrange with us to your preferred area and timing. You can get more attention from our coaches during training. Train individually or form your own group.

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