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A look back on March Holidays Intensive Training

On 16 March 2020, Divine Badminton Academy held its March Holidays training at Jurong West Sports Hall with students from existing weekend classes - Jurong West, Woodlands Tampines. The intensive training was held over the course of 3 days.

The coaches tried to integrate fun and engaging methods into the training programmes in order to make the entire 3 days experience an enjoyable one. Many aspects of the game were covered in the three-hour long badminton training session each day such as agility, footwork, multiple training, stroke drills and singles/doubles game play.

The intensive training saw new friendships being built and exchanging of skills among the different groups of students after training together. Overall, all the students and coaches alike enjoyed themselves in this March Holidays Intensive training. Divine Badminton Academy will be hosting another intensive training during the June school holidays and we hope to see more new faces join us and have an unforgettable experience! For more updates on the June Holidays Intensive Training Programme, please follow our social media platforms and our website closely as details will be put out there.

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